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Clinical Center of Gynecology,Obstetrics and Neonatology in Opole

Professional care for a woman and a child in health and disease

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Highly specialized perinatal care provided in accordance with the highest, that is, the third degree of perinatal care in a hospital, and also in clinics, allows women and children to be provided with professional medical care at one of the most important stages of their lives.
In addition to perinatal care, the Clinical Center also provides specialized services in the field of gynecology and oncological gynecology.

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Enrollment in the Birth School

RUSZA KOLEJNY CYKL SZKOŁY RODZENIA Najbliższy kurs rozpocznie się 3 października 2022 r. i jest bezpłatny. It's worth to hurry up, because the number of places is limited, and there is no shortage of volunteers. Classes at the Birth School are held in ....


III Kongres – Interdyscyplinarnie jako metoda XXI wieku

Dzisiaj w Opolu odbył się III Kongres pn. – Interdyscyplinarnie jako metoda XXI wieku – Choroby rzadkie u dzieci – rodzina i społeczeństwo” pod honorowym patronatem prof. dr hab. n. with. Roberta Śmigla – specjalisty pediatrii...


Pierwsze trojaczki w 2022 year

Trojaczki urodziły się w Klinicznym Centrum Ginekologii, Obstetrics and Neonatology in Opole. To pierwsze w tym roku trojaczki. Dzieci przyszły na świat w sierpniu. Mama i noworodki czują się dobrze. Justyna i Marcin,...


Pregnancy Photo

When the diagnosis is not successful

Ok. 3 proc. pregnant women, during prenatal examinations performed as part of our project "Coordination and comprehensive family support in the field of specialist counseling, prevention, diagnostics and eliminating abnormalities in development ...

child after childbirth in the hands of medical staff

Give birth without pain

Pain-free birth is the dream of every woman giving birth. Its complete elimination is not possible, but you can certainly reduce it or "turn it off" for a while. The uniqueness of labor pain is that, that it accompanies ....

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Clinical Center in 2021 year in numbers


medical staff

9 718

hospitalized patients

11 546



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