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Public Independent Healthcare Institution, Voivodeship Medical Center in Opole together with the project partner : Independent Specialist Mother and Child Healthcare Team in Opole from January 15, 2015. Gynecology center, Obstetrics and Neonatology in Opole , implement the project entitled. ”Optimization of care for a pregnant woman, mother and newborn, taking into account the contact of parents with the child and promotion of natural feeding "

co-financed from the Operational Program PL07 under the EEA FM and NFM 2009-2014

"Improvement and better adjustment of health care to demographic and epidemiological trends"

Amount of funding :

  • Gross eligible costs : 9 356 777,00 PLN
  • Co-financing in the amount of 80 % task values : 7 485 421,00 PLN
  • Own contribution 20% task values : 1 871 356,00 PLN
  • Investment expenses : 6 378 719,00 PLN

The implementation of the project will have a positive impact on reducing the progressive demographic decline in the Opolskie Voivodeship , a także całego kraju. Cel projektu to poprawa opieki perinatalnejświadczenia z zakresu profilaktyki, diagnostyka i leczenie w celu zwiększenia liczby urodzeń. Grupy docelowe, pregnant women, mothers and newborns, taking into account parent-child contact and the promotion of natural feeding, taking care of the woman from the beginning of pregnancy - reducing the number of miscarriages and detecting possible defects or complications.

Działania planowane do realizacjizadania w ramach projektu (gross):

  • caring for a newborn in need of intensive care : 4 773 557,00 PLN
  • caring for the mother, pregnancy and newborn baby : 3 126 108,00 PLN
  • establishment of a milk bank : 1 381 642,00 PLN
  • project promotion : 75 470,00 PLN

The most important elements of the investment part related to the reconstruction / extension / renovation :

  • reconstruction of the Department of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Therapy of Children and Newborns at PS ZOZ WCM in Opole,
  • modernization of the Neonatal and Premature Pathology Department at the Gynecology Center, Obstetrics and Neonatology in Opole
  • adaptation of premises for the creation of the Milk Bank in the Gynecology Center, Obstetrics and Neonatology in Opole

The assumed indicators to be achieved as a result of the project implementation are :

  • number of patients benefiting from improved health services - 4595
  • number of implemented infrastructure projects - 1
  • liczba sesji szkoleniowych dla personelu medycznego – 7
  • number of patients hospitalized annually in the ICU and ICU, where parents can be present at any time and actively participate in the treatment process - 325
  • number of consultations provided in newly created clinics : Lactation and Early Pregnancy Pathology ( annually) – 740
  • liters of breast milk in the Milk Bank ( annually ) – 200

Completion of the project is planned for December 2016.


W 2018 Clinical Center of Gynecology, Obstetrics and Neonatology in Opole obtained funds from the PZU SA prevention fund. Thanks to this, the purchase of a convex head for the ultrasound apparatus was fully financed and the purchase of a video laryngoscope was partially financed..

the picture shows a convex head with the inscription PZU there is a video laryngoscope in the photo

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