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The Department of Anaesthesiology is an organizational unit established to:

  • tasks related to anesthesia for gynecological and obstetric surgeries, performed within the hospital (preoperative assessment, determining the risk of anesthesia, anesthesia with the most beneficial method for the patient, supervision in the immediate postoperative period)
  • postoperative pain relief
  • alleviating the pain of childbirth
  • consultations of severely ill patients in the hospital and emergency interventions
  • providing assistance in life-threatening cases.

There are employees in the department:

  • 7 anesthesiologists and intensive care specialists; 3 additionally, she completed post-graduate studies in pain medicine
  • 13 anesthesia nurses/midwives; all have a qualification course in anesthesiology and intensive care, 8 are nurses specializing in anesthesia nursing.

Employees of the Department of Anaesthesiology are constantly improving their qualifications, they use modern anesthetics and equipment, use the following methods of anesthesia:

  • general endotracheal anesthesia
  • intravenous general anesthesia
  • conduction anesthesia (subarachnoid and epidural)
  • combined anesthesia (general endotracheal and ductal)
  • ultrasound-guided peripheral blocks

The choice of anesthesia method depends on the type of operation, the mode of its implementation, general condition of the patient and her expectations.

The anesthesiology department is equipped with the highest quality, systematically updated medical equipment, which ensures accurate monitoring and management of anesthesia. It has a spacious post-anesthetic room, observation of patients plays a key role in ensuring safety in the postoperative period.

The specificity of gynecology and obstetrics makes, that the relationship between staff and patients is built with great competence and empathy.

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